Egyxos Animated Series 26'x26'

Egyxos is a new action series by DeAgostini Editore and Musicartoon.
I've worked as Storyboard Supervisor and Storyboard Artist in Animation Studio Musicartoon.

Series designers:
Francesco Giglio - Characters design
Andrea Pucci - Supervisor Backgrounds Design
Eva Villa - Color Supervisor
Francesco Marasco - Props, Vehicles and FX design
Sabrina De Marco - Animation Supervisor
Federico Chericoni - Storyboard Supervisor

Color Artists:
Ilaria Ponticelli - Alessia Trunfio - Massimo Di Leo

Storyboard Artists:
Federico Chericoni, Barbara Borsetti, Francesca Chericoni,
Cristina Conte, Lorenza Di Sepio, Michele Lilli, Alonso Rojas Ferrer.

Directed by
Enrico Paolantonio


Storyboards made for Egyxos Animated Series.

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